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In the yoga’s study and its belief, Lord Shiva (highly regarded as the Creator of yoga) provided yoga teaching to heal body pain along  with meditation.  As a result, his followers (yogis) had broadened this study to people as an aim to heal illnesses and promote a well-being until the present day.

Makefriends Yoga has had the honor of respectfully bringing the statue of Lord Shiva from India (installed by well-known craftsmen from India) The purpose is to give the blessing to all yoga practitioners as well as others who wish to engage important ceremonies such as Aarti ,Pooja,etc. Come be a part to experience the original yoga (by Lord Shiva) without adaptations for you greater body ,mind and soul.

Khun Chayada Martcharoen the owner of makefriends Yoga Studio said…

I went to travel in india and one of my visiting destinations was Rishikesh city. Rishikesh is in the north of India, near Haridwar. The legend of Yogi and Yoga was started here. The legend said that Shiva (The god of Hinduism) transformed into animal and taught the Asana for the yogi to relax their bodies, health and improve their mediation.

The first step in Rishikesh. I felt peaceful and calm. I think my body was relaxed by the surroundings trees, the Ganga river and fresh air. I decided to join the highlight activity of this city “Yoga”.  I felt that it was totally different from my past experience of yoga class in Thailand. This  inspired me to share this great experience to the people who love yoga in Thailand.

Makefriends Yoga Learning yoga with original yoga Rishikesh India in a truly natural environment. Enjoy yoga class in a serene rooftop garden environment overlooking the city while being surround by trees, wind and fresh air in an open yoga class. Small class sizes and expert teaching of harmony with nature provide a blissful experience to the practitioner whether they are experienced or beginner.

“Yoga will aid concentration, power and balance of body and mind, helping you look youthful and radiant.”

“Yoga can be a part of your life and daily activity, anytime and anywhere to balance your body and mind.”

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– Class will  not be  conducted if less than 2 persons

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– Non refundable for all case.

– Schedule  1 September -31December 2018

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